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A simple daily practise from our our Online Yoga Teacher Training.

How To Respect Your Body

We all know it but we don’t do it….Vanda Scaravelli lived practising yoga until she was 91. A beautiful soul who devoted her life to yoga. She wrote:- “The way we live is destructive to the body; there is no respect towards its needs and demands. We destroy little by little, that precious, complex, vitalContinue reading “How To Respect Your Body”

What’s your freak flag?

What is your freak flag? Is it knitting? Is it dressing as an alien or covering yourself in silver? Whatever it is, you may need to let it fly to feel amazeballs. Come on let your freak flag fly!

10 Ways Yoga Helped Me Be a Better Mum

It helps me keep calm when the children are going mental. My children may not believe this, but I often breathe when things are going crazy in the house and do my yoga breaths. It certainly seems to help! It makes you say yes more and feel kinder to your children. Yoga makes you lookContinue reading “10 Ways Yoga Helped Me Be a Better Mum”

The Happy Chakra

Time to work on your Happy Chakra. The ‘Manipura’ Chakra which is located around your stomach is in charge of all that makes you happy. It works on your solar plexus and it is the colour of sunshine. The minute you see the sun how well do you feel? Do you want to smile? TheContinue reading “The Happy Chakra”

The Fifth Thief of Your Energy

5. Thoughts – How do you think? This is a tough one, it’s kinda obvious that it really messes you up when you think bad thoughts, but that’s the fifth one. So to clear your head, how do we do that? Well here it is….. Yoga!!! Meditate! Try meditating and then start to set yourContinue reading “The Fifth Thief of Your Energy”

The Fourth Thief of Your Energy

4. The fourth is how you move…How do you move? Do you walk fast? No If you are running out of energy, you just need to slow down even more! Move with mindful awareness…. Thich Nat Hanh recommends in his very small book of Mindfulness¬†to just be present. Be present in everything you do andContinue reading “The Fourth Thief of Your Energy”

Our Little Studio

Community, connection, working together is everything for us. Without our teachers there is no space, without the students there need be no teachers. Our space is a tribe, a cult, a group of people willing to share and devote their practise to yoga and to sharing the love…. Here is a little video from ourContinue reading “Our Little Studio”