What’s your freak flag?

What is your freak flag? Is it knitting? Is it dressing as an alien or covering yourself in silver? Whatever it is, you may need to let it fly to feel amazeballs. Come on let your freak flag fly!

Go Yoga on the Rise

Loving the vibe today. The light is on the rise. The air is clearing. We are so glad to announce after much thought and love of yoga wear and our collaboration and our move into Yoga Wear. It’s taken a lot of thought in getting the perfect Yoga Label to join us, but we thinkContinue reading “Go Yoga on the Rise”

7 Magical Benefits of Yoga

7 Magical Benefits of Yoga Your Strength, Agility and Flexibility all increase But these are only the physical effects of your practise! Wait for the restJ Yoga enhances your Memory and Cognitive Functions According to researchers, yoga is more effective at boosting brain power than conventional aerobic exercise, which seems pretty strange if you thinkContinue reading “7 Magical Benefits of Yoga”

Our Little Studio

Community, connection, working together is everything for us. Without our teachers there is no space, without the students there need be no teachers. Our space is a tribe, a cult, a group of people willing to share and devote their practise to yoga and to sharing the love…. Here is a little video from ourContinue reading “Our Little Studio”

Bedtime Yin Yoga

Here is a sequence for my sister who is racing backwards and forwards over the pond! I will make a video soon but here you go for starters. Follow this sequence holding the poses for around a minute. Go longer if you want to get hard core (@martinjamesonyoga). Use blankets, cushions and bolsters to supportContinue reading “Bedtime Yin Yoga”