What’s your freak flag?

What is your freak flag? Is it knitting? Is it dressing as an alien or covering yourself in silver? Whatever it is, you may need to let it fly to feel amazeballs. Come on let your freak flag fly!

10 Ways Yoga Helped Me Be a Better Mum

It helps me keep calm when the children are going mental. My children may not believe this, but I often breathe when things are going crazy in the house and do my yoga breaths. It certainly seems to help! It makes you say yes more and feel kinder to your children. Yoga makes you lookContinue reading “10 Ways Yoga Helped Me Be a Better Mum”

Bedtime Yin Yoga

Here is a sequence for my sister who is racing backwards and forwards over the pond! I will make a video soon but here you go for starters. Follow this sequence holding the poses for around a minute. Go longer if you want to get hard core (@martinjamesonyoga). Use blankets, cushions and bolsters to supportContinue reading “Bedtime Yin Yoga”

7 MAGIC RULES for when you have a pregnant lady in your yoga class

I began teaching pregnancy yoga when my teacher, Patricia Grube, went back to Los Angeles.    She made/persuaded me to take over her class. From that day on, I loved teaching pregnancy classes and then…baby yoga classes! I became a new person. Recently, my ‘leader’/’guru’/inspiration’ Patricia wrote a book Bumps In Motion and asked meContinue reading “7 MAGIC RULES for when you have a pregnant lady in your yoga class”