The Fifth Thief of Your Energy

5. Thoughts – How do you think? This is a tough one, it’s kinda obvious that it really messes you up when you think bad thoughts, but that’s the fifth one. So to clear your head, how do we do that? Well here it is….. Yoga!!! Meditate! Try meditating and then start to set yourContinue reading “The Fifth Thief of Your Energy”

The Fourth Thief of Your Energy

4. The fourth is how you move…How do you move? Do you walk fast? No If you are running out of energy, you just need to slow down even more! Move with mindful awareness…. Thich Nat Hanh recommends in his very small book of Mindfulness to just be present. Be present in everything you do andContinue reading “The Fourth Thief of Your Energy”

The Second Thief of Happiness

In my last blog I looked at the five thieves of Happines focusing on no. 1, let’s look further into the next one:) 2. The second of the thieves of energy is your eyes.   Your eyes, what you see. What are you looking for? If you want to see happiness, watch happiness, watch comediesContinue reading “The Second Thief of Happiness”

The First Thief of Your Energy

In Chi Gung, there is a belief that you can contain your energy with how you live. There are five beliefs. In this blog I will centre on the first one. The first belief is in how you speak. Your words – Remember that phrase “speak no evil”?  We have to watch how we talk.Continue reading “The First Thief of Your Energy”