40 Day Challenge – No 1

Our Kundalini Module begins this month and we begin by practising 40 days of exercises to create more base chakra energy. This energy is connected to the Chakra situated in the base of the spine. The Muladhara Chakra This is associated with the colour red, so wear something red or have something red near youContinue reading “40 Day Challenge – No 1”

What’s your freak flag?

What is your freak flag? Is it knitting? Is it dressing as an alien or covering yourself in silver? Whatever it is, you may need to let it fly to feel amazeballs. Come on let your freak flag fly!

Why I made Go Yoga

Going to the gym is great, feeling fit is great, getting your exercise endorphins buzz is fantastic. As everybody knows, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind….. BUT there’s just one problem…Keeping the motivation to keep going. It’s just too easy to think of an excuse to leave it till tomorrow.  What if there wasContinue reading “Why I made Go Yoga”

Anahata -Opening Your Heart

There are times when it just gets too much. We often get let down, wounded, we feel lost. Your heart could be hurt, you need to do something to mend that broken space. Here is a set of exercises which allows the blood to flow freely around the body, encourages blood to flow to theContinue reading “Anahata -Opening Your Heart”


Svadhistana, literally means the ‘sacral chakra’. Here is the second practise for 40 days, part 1 and part 2. These work on the second wheel of life situated in the ‘sex organs’ and the ‘reproductive area’. It focusses on your ability to create, to be intimate and to connect with others. This chakra allows you toContinue reading “Svadhistana”

7 MAGIC RULES for when you have a pregnant lady in your yoga class

I began teaching pregnancy yoga when my teacher, Patricia Grube, went back to Los Angeles.    She made/persuaded me to take over her class. From that day on, I loved teaching pregnancy classes and then…baby yoga classes! I became a new person. Recently, my ‘leader’/’guru’/inspiration’ Patricia wrote a book Bumps In Motion and asked meContinue reading “7 MAGIC RULES for when you have a pregnant lady in your yoga class”