Are you working on your Chakras?

I haven’t been to my blog in a while. We’ve been working on our studios and we are coming to the end of a beautiful 200 hour Teacher Training over two years. In line with, and to celebrate this, I have published my Chakra work.

We work on our Chakras with hundreds of different exercises. I have compressed them into 3 small easy to read books, which hopefully you can use to pick up and help you in your practise or in your teaching.  Choose a Chakra and then work on these over 40 days so you can focus on the elements of the chakra.

In my first book Becoming Crystal Clear, we work on Chakras 1 & 2. This is going to take 40 days per Chakra to work on fully. Take a journal, practise every day and be open to change. And until June 4th I am offering Becoming Crystal Clear as a FREE DOWNLOAD!


Here is a little snippet for you…

First Chakra Kriya

0014 Chakras © GJ


Sit on your left heel.

Put hands on floor by your hips.

Breathe in deeply, and as you breathe out lean forwards.

Breathe in as you come back up and continue this movement.

Watch your breath.

Continue for 2 minutes.

Repeat the same exercisebut now with both legs out.

Continue for 2 minutes.


Inhale and hold bring the knees to the chest.

Breathe in and out and



So until June 4th I am offering Becoming Crystal Clear as a FREE DOWNLOAD!









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