It’s hip to be square…or triangular…or round

Here’s a little bit of fun from my friend Helen Lehan.

Check out which shape you need today!

5 shape inspired confidence & self-care hacks for parents – that we can so easily pass onto our kids and help them feel great about themselves too.


  1. Circles 🔘Surround yourself and your family with people who inspire, challenge, uplift, listen, make you laugh and love you for who you are.


  1. Square ⏹It’s cool to be square. Geek out on what you are passionate about. Music, art, comedy, science, Thor….. the choice is yours. Find your passion & study it.


  1. Triangle 🚩Strong base. Keep self-care a priority as when we are healthy in mind & body things fall into place more easily with the family. Yoga keeps me balanced. For my husband it’s all about the bike.


  1. Diamond 💎Diamonds in the sky. Take time to marvel at nature, the stars in the sky, the crunch of the snow underfoot. Follow nature’s rhythms, she is a marvellous guide.


  1. Splats 💥Life is messy, we make mistakes, though things happen. How we deal with events, can make us stronger.  Be reflective, creative, playful & connect to your breath. Learn the practice of Pranayama. Breath control it is amazing medicine & self-regulation.


Helen is a yoga teacher at She teaches Children’s Yoga alongside Sophie, bring more and more yoga into schools. Namaste….



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