Go Yoga on the Rise

Loving the vibe today. The light is on the rise. The air is clearing. We are so glad to announce after much thought and love of yoga wear and our collaboration and our move into Yoga Wear.

It’s taken a lot of thought in getting the perfect Yoga Label to join us, but we think we have found them. CarrotBananaPeach. A bit of a mouthful but these words will soon be slipping off your tongue and maybe even into your smoothies!

We are so happy to announce that CarrotBananaPeach will be launching their Trunk Show at Go Revolution 10 – 2.30pm and then visiting Go Yoga Hornbeam in the evening 6-9pm.

So Goyogis will be receiving 20% off at CarrotBananaPeach’s Trunk Sale you will be able to purchase alongside our own Go Branded clothing the @carrotbananapeach wear. We are also happy to announce Gong Masters Ana and Phil will be visiting our studio in the Summer! Dates to follow:)

This is the time for fun and frolic, finding out the new and the interesting. We look forward to seeing you there:) Namaste

Go Yoga 141117-5196

@carrotbananapeach @fitharrogate @harrogateyoga @DavidLloydLeisureHarrogate @NuffieldHealthHarrogate @puregymharrogate @puregym @yogaallianceuk @helenabyles @alissalawrenceyoga @harrogateyoga @amandalatchmore @acornretreats @georginamariee @fitharrogate @nuffieldhealth  @fitharrogate @harrogateyoga @DavidLloydLeisureHarrogate @NuffieldHealthHarrogate @puregymharrogate @puregym @sweatybett #enjoyharrogate #harrogategymnastics #jasminefeingold #ripongymnastics #modtexpensivefood #bridgetjones #practicedaily #yogaeverydamnday#wellne@helenabyles @alissalawrenceyoga @amyvyoga @daria @georginalarge @lynsaywells @fitharrogate @sweatybetty @davidlloydharrogate @joblenkinsopp 

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