What is it? Besides sounding like Dharma and Greg, one of my favourite shows ever and quite frankly a little bit too addictive. It is also the ‘cosmic science of balance’ or ‘right action’.

It has multiple meanings across all religions and there is no single word of translation.

In essence, it means the ‘right way of living’. Acting in a certain way because it is the right thing to do. Standing by to let people grow, helping a friend, being the better person. That sort of thing. Biting your tongue even! Being a good neighbour, bringing love.

In accord with yoga, everything we think, say and do creates something. Your very thinking now creates something and repetitive thinking manifests things hugely. So your thoughts become ‘things’. In the same way your actions create reactions, so in order to create peaceful, harmonious lives, our actions need to be done with Dharma and that is it! The science of right living:)

As a result Gaia or the perfect world is created in order to create a peaceful harmonious world.

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