6 Rituals for setting off your 2018 with Gusto

pexels-photo-327509.jpegRITUAL no. 1 – Ikigai

Ikigai – a Japanese concept make time for your passions!!! Piano singing writing and saxophone


RITUAL no.2 – Open Door Meditation

See many doors meditate and imagine all the door and possibility, what does smell like? Taste like? Feel like?


RITUAL no.3 – Green Queen

Wear green crystals and find some green aventurine which attracts good luck allows you to make a fresh start.

RITUAL no.4 – Watch the Moon 

Connect with moon energy

On the night of a new moon light a candle bathe and read your intentions aloud

RITUAL no.5 -Use frankincense

Frankincense awakens your spiritual psychic eye and begins to open new door


With intention and presence perform three good deeds. Not only will they make you feel good you will also be passing on good luck.


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