How often should you practice yoga?

0118 Chakras © GJIt’s a question I get asked a lot and one that has no set answer.

Yoga is not prescriptive and should be fluid to fit into your life and schedule.  What works one week, may not work another. What works for one person may not work for another.  Undoubtedly yoga is amazing even if you practice once a week but by increasing to 3 or 4 times a week you will start to see more improvement in flexibility, co-ordination, balance and strength as well as a clearer focused mind. Increase to daily practice and you can see life changing results.  This beautiful saying sums it up…

“If you practice yoga once a week, you will change your mind.

If you practice yoga twice a week, you will change your body.

If you practice every day, you will change your life.”


Even if you are unable to make it to a class or to do a full hour, just adding 20 minutes into your day can have added benefits. Yoga is a brilliant coping mechanism in this very dramatic world. With the onset of Christmas shopping, no doubt further world incidents and the daily tasks of looking after your nearest and dearest, there needs to be some space for you.
This is where Yoga comes in. Yoga lets you focus on yourself, the self. The chant ‘sat nam’, literally means ‘truth is your name’. It allows you to connect with the self and to become happy with that, then you can connect to others in a ‘happy state of mind’. The aim of yoga is to smile!
Try practicing your own set routine or following a video. If you need any guided videos, we have some on our website to help you.

You will soon find that your desire and need to practice increases and it will soon become a wonderful part of your life and daily routine. Almost subconscious! In fact that is what yoga aims to do, enter your subconscious and change your psyche to keep you calm and happy. You can try all sorts of yoga with us at GoYoga. We work with Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Meditation, keeping the spirit and life of yoga alive!

If you are taking Kundalini classes with us, then following a particular set of exercises or ‘Kriyas‘ for 40 consecutive days can change you permanently….so the gurus say! So to feel more rested, clear and contained, it may be the best way to go!

We want to help you to discover the wonders of a regular yoga practice, which is why we now offer unlimited classes at Go Yoga. If you are new to Go Yoga you can ease yourself in with our introductory 30 day unlimited pass, or if you’ve already started your practice and what to take the next step you can sign up to our Gold membership which gives you unlimited classes, discounted workshops and exclusive access to our members area on our website.
In addition, we have a wonderful BLACK FRIDAY DEAL for you this month. Our intro offers and Memberships are starting at half price!

Published by Sophie Bickerdike

I came to yoga with a bad back and a full mind, lots of constant chatter, no different to anyone else... after 15 years of teaching... my mind still goes all monkey on me, the so called wild horses are still there... but I have it under control, I am aware of it..... my body has never felt so strong... yoga really solves so much...mind body and soul...

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