The Happy Chakra

Time to work on your Happy Chakra. The ‘Manipura’ Chakra which is located around your stomach is in charge of all that makes you happy. It works on your solar plexus and it is the colour of sunshine. The minute you see the sun how well do you feel?

Do you want to smile?

The minute the sun hits your face do you not feel amazing?

Here is a Kriya to work your mind and body, it will strengthen your core and allow you look at things and smile that little bit more, check it out! Here’s Part 1!

Check it out it’s long but it will help you clear your head. Be sure to see if you can do it right through. If you can manage it for 40 days from Part 1-3 then that’s amazing! This is inspired by Yogi Bhajan who has been inspiration along the way!

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