The Fourth Thief of Your Energy

4. The fourth is how you move…How do you move? Do you walk fast?

No If you are running out of energy, you just need to slow down even more!

Move with mindful awareness….

Thich Nat Hanh recommends in his very small book of Mindfulness to just be present. Be present in everything you do and every move you make.

Try the ancient art of Mindful Walking.

Stand tall and set your intention to walk in the present. Give yourself a few minutes to do that, this could turn into a tremendously long walk.

Turn your attention to your right leg and lift your right foot and inhale, then plant your food on the ground and exhale. Then shift your attention to your left foot and inhale and then plant your left foot on the ground and exhale. Inhale lift your right foot, exhale plant your right foot, inhale lift your left foot, exhale plant your left foot.

Very simple. Continue in this manner and notice what occurs. Your breath slows down, you begin to synchronise the whole movement of your body with your breath and something begins to calm you down. Your synchronistic movement will appease and easy your mind and thus help you contain your energy and spare you from the Fourth Thief of Happiness:)

0118 Chakras © GJ

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