Svadhistana, literally means the ‘sacral chakra’.

Here is the second practise for 40 days, part 1 and part 2. These work on the second wheel of life situated in the ‘sex organs’ and the ‘reproductive area’. It focusses on your ability to create, to be intimate and to connect with others. This chakra allows you to bond with others.  It is situated three inches below the navel and symbolically is the birth canal:)

Many of our emotions are stored in this area. Anger, power, addiction, connection, lust and love. Balancing it out allows you to use it for your own balance and wellbeing.

In addition, wearing the colour Orange enhances this energy as does the Solfeggio Frequency of 417HZ.

Here is a set to add to your practise….. do this for 40 days…. see changes in your emotions and allow yourself to balance out your connections to others.

Sound: VAM

Visual: Six Petalled Lotus


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