The Second Thief of Happiness

Floor-W-StephSimmonsPhotos-3442In my last blog I looked at the five thieves of Happines focusing on no. 1, let’s look further into the next one:)

2. The second of the thieves of energy is your eyes.


20160715_134847_resized.jpg Your eyes, what you see. What are you looking for? If you want to see happiness, watch happiness, watch comedies not horror movies!

Remember what you pay attention to just grows right in front of you! Ever bought a car you had never seen before and once you own it there are hundreds of them around you? It’s the same with your attention. Just place your gaze on things you want to grow.

Look at these three lovelies. All smiles, all happy. I can’t imagine they are watching a Horror Movie. Search out empowering speakers, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Morgan Spearlock, Empowering Speakers go listen to them! Someone who inspires you! Watch who you want to become:)



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