7 MAGIC RULES for when you have a pregnant lady in your yoga class

I began teaching pregnancy yoga when my teacher, Patricia Grube, went back to Los Angeles.    She made/persuaded me to take over her class. From that day on, I loved teaching pregnancy classes and then…baby yoga classes! I became a new person.

Recently, my ‘leader’/’guru’/inspiration’ Patricia wrote a book Bumps In Motion and asked me and some other amazing yogis, including Tara Lee, Maya Fiennes to contribute. How honoured was I? I thought I’d share…

It’s always daunting having someone suddenly turn pregnant in your class and so here are 7 MAGIC RULES to help you:)

1. Do be nice to them. Pregnant people do like to feel they are not scary and that it’s fine that they are pregnant in your class. They have done nothing wrong.

2. Make sure they sign a disclaimer to say they are pregnant and in charge and control of their own body and anything you may instruct is entirely their choice to follow.

3. No retained breath (bad for the baby… not enough oxygen)

4. No crazy balances (unless the moms are super proficient and have signed no.2)

5. No twists (babies don’t like twisting)

6. No back bends or


lying on your back after the first trimester


7. Don’t come in your first trimester as you are supposed to be resting… so therefore no lying on your back whatsoever!

If you are near us at GOYOGAHARROGATE then do pop by, we run a pregnancy class at 5.15pm on a Thursday…..NAMASTE

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