Feelings of Change – three things to fill that space…

Some of my bestest friends in the world are in pain and I can’t do anything to help them.

They are all a bit out of sorts. We’ve had colds, illnesses, sickness and we’ve had an awful lot of heartaches.

They think they have something. They think they are losing the plot. In a world where you serve and love your kids, the idea of them leaving home is completely out of the zone.

“So”I say, “what have you been up to?”

One’s spent the entire weekend with her girls seeing them off to university. Another’s been clearing out books and creating goodie bags for people with younger children. One is just sick.

When our children go away for a period many of us experience that guilty, but serene quiet. For some, it attacks like a pit in the stomach, a hollow calling. Others just manage to take advantage and go all out:)

Where are we in all this?

How can we nurture ourselves as we do our children?

  1. Celebrate the marvellous parent you are.

If you feel rotten, it’s ok – it will pass, everything passes. Treat this as a Magic Moment and celebrate. This is the time to feel even more love and connection up your children by celebrating their independence given by you. Breathe, aim to separate yourself from thoughts of sadness.

After all breath is something you can control… so let’s do that now! Go breathe!

2. Think less, do more. Learn to breathe and allow your mind’s chatter to diminish. Let that busy brain take a break and then you will see things more clearly. You will start doing far more than you imagined!

3. Go Ahimsa. The state of “Ahimsa” in yoga is part of the Yamas, one of the 8 limbs of yoga which lead you to ‘enlightenment’ and being genuinely awesome.

The book the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali’s eight-fold path offers guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life.

‘Ahimsa’ means ‘nonviolence’.

To be in ‘ahimsa’ is not only a state of nonviolence to others, it is also a state of non-violence to yourself. Being gentle with yourself, telling yourself off a little less, giving yourself a break is the state of ‘ahimsa’. Many of use can be really hard on ourselves and this leads to being tough with others.

Ask yourself, “am I nice to myself?” Now it’s time to look at yourself and connect to your own centre.  Let’s hope you can say ‘yes I am nice to me’.
coffee animals yoga tee

“Allow your personal time to connect with yourself to appreciate yourself to give some time to yourself so once you have given to yourself you can share it with the others. Give to yourself first and look after your own health first, share it with your family and make it the most important yoga, the yoga of connection to connect with others with the world and to know we are connected with one universe in love. I think this is the most important yoga.” Simon Borg-Olivier

Set yourself some time to breathe and find space…. here’s a quick idea…

Chill-Out that Heart Stretch

When you just want to flop, grab some cushions and set them up underneath your spine, propping up your back and opening your heart, cross your legs or bring the soles of your feet together…find some nice tunes and even a blanket….. allow yourselves MINIMUM 10 minutes. Go enjoy…





Yoga has been known to cause health and happiness

Published by Sophie Bickerdike

I came to yoga with a bad back and a full mind, lots of constant chatter, no different to anyone else... after 15 years of teaching... my mind still goes all monkey on me, the so called wild horses are still there... but I have it under control, I am aware of it..... my body has never felt so strong... yoga really solves so much...mind body and soul...

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